Friday, February 29, 2008

Champagne Imports to US Drop

Even as Champagne exports from France are breaking records, exports to the United States are slumping due to the weakness of the Dollar against the Euro. In 2007, the French consumed 188 million bottles of champagne and exported 150 million bottles more. Total champagne exports grew by over 7% with export rates increasing for 189 of the 190 countries importing champagne. Besides the French, England is biggest guzzler of Champagne with a total of 38.9 million bottles, compared to total consumption in the US of 21.7 million. Correcting for differences in population, the average Frenchman appears to be consuming 5 times more Champagne than the average Brit. And the average Brit consumes 8 and a half times more than the average American. Happily, the Chinese haven't really developed a taste for Champagne yet. When they do, the only people in the West with Champagne will be us Pirates.

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