Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Got a Sec?

This weekend, my saber met the end of a G.H. Mumm Carte Classique ($36.99 at an overpriced discounter). This Non-Vintage Sparkler is intended by Mumm to taste like the Champagnes of yesteryear, which means surprisingly sweet. Surprising, because there was nowhere on the label to warn me that the wine was a "Sec." Sec is the French word for dry." However, this does not apply in the realm of Champagne. A Sec, or Dry Champagne is considered slightly sweet, to sweet. And the Mumm Carte Classique is definitely on the sweet side. According to Mumm, the Carte Classique is an "Extra Dry" with 24 grams of sugar per liter. For comparison, Coca Cola reportedly uses about 100 grams per liter of sugar. A tasty drink, best served before or after (but not during the meal).

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