Thursday, June 5, 2008

Buried (Champagne) Treasure?!

Off the coast of Normandy lies the island village of Mont Saint Michel. Long known for its architectural and historic beauty, the monastery has drawn the attention of the Champagne Pirate for its unusual buried treasure. Champagne Louis Roederer has sent scuba divers to bury a few cases of Brut Premier on the seabed of Saint-Malo bay at a depth of 15 meters. The purpose of this action is to test whether bottle aging in gently rolling sea water compares favorably to champagne's chalk caves. Believe it or not, Roederer is not the first winery to bottle age under the Channel off Saint-Malo, but the first time for champagne. To protect this treasure from pirates, Roederer has hid them. Hopefully they made a treasure map! Arrrgh.

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